About Sunny Tiwana


You will not find a better communicator than Sunny Tiwana.  He is able to quickly and easily ascertain the individual needs of each client because he truly listens and possesses an intuitiveness that is sometimes lacking in our industry.
In Sunny’s own words; “It’s not about what we want to do for the client, but what the client needs from us.  We want our enthusiasm to show but we must first determine that we can deliver before we jump in.”
Sunny truly believes that as a team, he, Manny and Gary, are able to offer their clients guidance  but also offer specific help from the team member who best understands the client.  Leveraging the power of THREE professionals is beneficial in every unique situation.
This selfless attitude means that as a client you can choose to work closely with the personality that suits you best and have the power of three to get the job done.